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karuun® - rattan veneer
anröchter stone
ash wood 

150 mm (H) x 330 mm (W) x 330 mm (D)

by out for space GmbH


        The bread box N.O.S.W. consists of a 3D veneer of the rattan palm (karuun®), stone joints and a cutting board. It can be used to purchase, store, prepare and serve bakery products.

The whole design broaches the issue of sustainable design in a broader sense. It reflects considerations regarding the perception, value, handling and meaning of products.
Not only the relationship between the individual and the product, but also its origin, materiality and production play an important role.

        In view of globalization and sustainability, the origin of the material was particularly important to me.

OUT FOR SPACE developed a veneer from the rattan palm called karuun®. 80% of world wide rattan comes from Indonesia. It is a very important economic factor and an important source of income for the rural population. The farmers in Indonesia are paid fairly and the local economy is supported. At the same time, the rainforest is preserved as it is the basic prerequisite for growing rattan palms. In addition, rattan is not a monoculture and can be harvested after 5-7 years. It converts more CO2 into oxygen than is emitted during transport and  the production of the veneer.

Anröchter stone comes from Westphalia. It is a natural material and 100% recyclable. In addition, German quarries are recultivated and reused. It offers new biotopes for rare animal and plant species.

I would like to point out: We have the opportunity to act global and create a „Mehrwert“ (added or higher value) for the environment, the economy and social structures. The coordinates of the places of the materials origin is engraved on the top of the bread box. So the aspect of the origin is more clearly visible to the consumers. The coordinates may not directly readable, but we associate them with the origin of something and maybe gives us some food for thought. In addition, my intention was to increase the awareness of the product.